Upgrading Postgres in a Rails codebase

If you’re looking to upgrade Postgres locally in a Rails project, it’s straight-forward-yet-not-simple. It’s not a one-click/one-command operation. I used the pg_dump command, along with Homebrew in this example. I have also seen a good post from Christopher Brown and Keita on manually backing up and copying data files using pg_upgrade. These involve a few more steps … More Upgrading Postgres in a Rails codebase

Tricks with Vim

I initially felt that a few things in Vim are just…meh. I want my tabs to take up 4 spaces instead of 9. I want syntax highlighting for LESS or TypeScript. There are better ways, right? You can customize Vim by creating a .vimrc file in your home directory.  vim ~/.vimrc Tab Settings Quick primer: … More Tricks with Vim